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Changing wallpapers along with system theme

7/15/2020 Tags: Automate, android

By default, I always use dark mode on my phone, but sometimes (usually when I’m outside) I need to turn the light theme back on to actually see what’s on my screen.

However, recently I realized that may not be enough, as my wallpaper stays dim, so I still have problems finding apps in the launcher. The solution seems obvious: change the wallpaper whenever I change the system theme.

Hello, world!


So, after one and a half YEARS I finally got my shit together and set up the website I wanted to build for a long time.

What am I going to post here? Anything I do that I find a bit worth sharing. For example, I want to learn many things (programming, pixel-art, japanese, etc) and it might be a good idea to keep a record of my progress here.

This time I really want to get to actually post stuff regularly. So, if you’d like to to follow along with my “progress” and other dumb stuff I might want to say, just add the Atom feed to your aggregator :P